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The Underground Cheesecake Company
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make things other than cheesecake?

Yes we do! We make many flavors of "regular" cake, many different gourmet desserts, cookies, scones, wedding cakes (cheesecake or regular) and we serve 2 different types of homemade soup, several kinds sandwiches & salads everyday.

Do you carry slices and single servings?

We have an average of 16 different types of single serving desserts daily. This doesn't count the great cookie selection available every day too.

Do you ship your cakes?

We will ship cheesecake in the cold months. Approximately Mid October through the beginning of April. This just depends on the weather. Contact us here at the store for more information about that.

Do you take "special orders"?

We will do our best to make what you are craving. We will also make 9" gluten free and sugar free cheesecake with enough notice. (different pricing will apply).

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your order is in perfect condition when it leaves our store. If it is received within the 2 day delivery time, your product will arrive in excellent condition.

It will not be frozen when you receive it. It may be soft (The ice pack will be thawed by that time as well). Simply remove it from the shipping carton and place in refrigeration so it can firm up, or, if you have ordered Cheesecake on a stick, place them in the freezer for firming as they are meant to be a "Frozen Confection."

Exceptions to our guarantee would be if you provide us with an incorrect shipping address, and due to this the product arrives late, or is undeliverable as addressed. Therefore, PLEASE ...double check your shipping information before you place your order and make absolutely certain that you have entered the information correctly on your order form.